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Top Tips To Beat The Blues


Like everyone, I suffer periodic lows and the bouts have increased with age and changing hormones. Thankfully they have never been unbearable. Nonetheless, there have been times when I’ve found motivating myself nearly impossible. Have you ever felt trapped inside your body on auto pilot and even the easiest tasks seem impossible to complete? Perhaps you just feel apathetic about everything. Are papers and unopened mail piling up on your desktop or do you have dozens of emails that need to be read in your In- Box? Ugg! Feeling low is such a bore and breaking through the haze is not without its challenges.

When I’m in a prolonged funk, I have some tried and true tricks I pull out of my bag to get my spirits lifted and my creative juices flowing. Before trying these simple steps, if you’ve been in the doldrums for more than a few weeks, I urge you to reach out to your GP for a once over. You could be suffering from proper depression and may need medicinal help to move you out of the dark and into the light – and there’s no shame in that.

Start by tuning out as much negativity as possible. That includes the news. Don’t count on the media to focus on the positive.  Shut out anyone who is an energy drainer and anything that gives you bad vibes.

Next, give yourself a swift kick up the backside with some brisk exercise. I know it’s hard but you can start by putting one foot in front of the other. Walk instead of ride when possible. If you can manage to drag yourself to the gym, that’s even better. Adrenaline will restart your flow.

Attack the clutter around you. Address your neglected responsibilities. Start with a ‘to do’ list and check off each job as you complete it. I guarantee you will feel better when you finish.

Temporarily cut out alcohol and sugar; you will feel a physical and emotional lift within days.

Do something nice for yourself, a massage or spa moment. Go see that play you’ve threatened to buy tickets for; try that new restaurant you read about. Do whatever floats your boat, just to something.

The thing to remember: life is a roller coaster. It is very rarely one long down hill slide.  So hang in there you’ll be back on top again. The key thing is you have to want to make the climb.


That’s my good Life advice