Lynn and her team made participants feel special and appreciated. The workshops exceeded expectations, was more interactive and therefore more beneficial than expected. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and felt it was both useful and engaging.

The main benefits were around increased motivation, clearer career focus and improved image in front of clients. The key learning points were around the importance of managing your career as well as the importance of your professional image.

The leaders were considered highly professional and knowledgeable.

Everyone enjoyed the day and felt they gained a lot from it.

Tina Lemmetyinen, Senior Research Officer – KPMG International

Lynn is a tremendous coach. She has helped me verbalise real and actionable plans and I would recommend her to anyone looking for an honest sounding board about their careers.

Julia Hawkins, Head of Investment, Universal Music Group

Lynn was able to quickly unearth my latent talents, as well as those pieces of my ‘DNA’ that would allow me to be successful in my career, and in any dreams that I wanted to pursue. She helped me to uncover what really was my own definition of success, and she helped me to create a path in order to reach my goals.

With her support, I became a more confident individual, and I believe that I would not be in the role that I currently am, without her push to re-instil my confidence. Within a few months of working together, not only had I started a new position (and have since been promoted), but I also began to work on a project that had been a dream of mine for several years.

Lynn has a unique ability to get to the core of what may be holding someone back, and give them the right amount of coaching and support to help them overcome it, and find their calling. I cannot thank Lynn enough for her wonderful insight and her words of support. I feel that without her, I would not be opening new doors, and making my life more fulfilling. So, to Lynn, I owe many thanks, and I consider her to still be a big influence on my life not only for her skills as a coach, but because she is someone to whom I aspire.

Amanda Prichard, Director of Global Public Relations, IBM Kenexa

By setting goals, manageable practical steps worked through with Lynn, my confidence grew and I achieved my current career objectives. Without hesitation, I would work with Lynn again as an invaluable source of motivation and support.


Oliver Smee, Art Director, John Brown Publishing

Lynn’s workshop on profile and presentation was concise, relevant and engaging and held the full attention of a large group of young people from a variety of backgrounds. Lynn proved that you don’t have to shout to make your presence felt. I think everyone left feeling very much in control of their own destiny, which is a wonderful gift.

Daisy Stella Baldwin, Team Leader Raleigh ICS, Raleigh International

“I have been seeing Lynn for nearly a year and during that time she has helped me to work on some very difficult personal and professional problems. She has a wealth of personal experience which she combines with her warm and caring nature to provide relevant, insightful and pragmatic solutions to complex issues.  Most importantly, no matter how low, confused or depressed I’m feeling when I walk into Lynn’s office, by the time I leave, I’m invariably feeling re-energised and ready to take positive action.”


Dan Orteu, Director, Anya Hindmarch

I was introduced to Lynn by my doctor when I was feeling stressed and physically out of condition, we hit it off straight away and the (large dose of) cynicism I had for anything remotely ‘alternative’ was dispelled in minutes, we worked thru my issues in a few sessions and I was in a much better place within a few months, in fact while writing this in the first week in January makes me think about a new years resolution to get to see Lynn about my Xmas excess!

Nick True, Managing Director TLC Marketing Ltd, London

Working with Lynn has been extremely rewarding, especially as she refuses to let you run from your demons! Each problem is tackled slowly and thoroughly, seeing how it can have a knock on effect in other aspects of your life. In addition, throughout our sessions, she has always been very supportive and doesn’t judge. It’s much more like having a friend that you know you can always bounce ideas off, ring in a time of need and celebrate with when things finally go as they should, usually thanks to her!

Christies, Goldsmith Art Advisory

Lynn’s direct approach gets to the heart of your problems very quickly. She is excellent at prompting you to find your own solutions rather than imposing hers on you. The result is a workable programme that improves both your working and personal life.

Judi Bevan, Author, The Rise and Fall of Marks & Spencer; Freelance Business journalist

Lynn Blades has worked with the Roundhouse for over 3 years and in that time has worked with a wide range of groups – Lynn has worked with a group of young people on their confidence and self presentation skills, she has mentored 4 young people and provided them with the confidence to host a Gala and present to over 500 people. Lynn has worked with a group of young people (aged 14 – 25) in the area of media training, giving them the confidence, language and skill to talk competently to the press. Lynn also worked with 15 young people to prepare them to interview a high profile actor in front of 100 people.

Lynn works with children and young people to get them to recognise their skills and ability so that they feel a real sense of ownership over their work and presentation skills. She gives them practical tasks that they can work with but also gets them to role-play and work in ways so that they don’t feel anxious or intimidated. This is particularly beneficial when working with young people who may lack confidence.

The young people at the Roundhouse who have worked with Lynn speak very highly of her and the workshops they have done with her. They are always keen for us to invite her back in so that they can learn even more from her. They respect Lynn as a professional and for the fact that she speaks to them on their level and never patronises. Lynn’s workshops are fun, interactive and hugely beneficial to the participants. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynn to run courses and/or one off workshops, each being as thoughtfully prepared as the other.

Josephine Bamford, Producer & Performing Arts Programme Director – The Roundhouse