Lynn Blades has worked with the Roundhouse for over 3 years and in that time has worked with a wide range of groups – Lynn has worked with a group of young people on their confidence and self presentation skills, she has mentored 4 young people and provided them with the confidence to host a Gala and present to over 500 people. Lynn has worked with a group of young people (aged 14 – 25) in the area of media training, giving them the confidence, language and skill to talk competently to the press. Lynn also worked with 15 young people to prepare them to interview a high profile actor in front of 100 people.

Lynn works with children and young people to get them to recognise their skills and ability so that they feel a real sense of ownership over their work and presentation skills. She gives them practical tasks that they can work with but also gets them to role-play and work in ways so that they don’t feel anxious or intimidated. This is particularly beneficial when working with young people who may lack confidence.

The young people at the Roundhouse who have worked with Lynn speak very highly of her and the workshops they have done with her. They are always keen for us to invite her back in so that they can learn even more from her. They respect Lynn as a professional and for the fact that she speaks to them on their level and never patronises. Lynn’s workshops are fun, interactive and hugely beneficial to the participants. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynn to run courses and/or one off workshops, each being as thoughtfully prepared as the other.

Josephine Bamford, Producer & Performing Arts Programme Director – The Roundhouse