Lynn was able to quickly unearth my latent talents, as well as those pieces of my ‘DNA’ that would allow me to be successful in my career, and in any dreams that I wanted to pursue. She helped me to uncover what really was my own definition of success, and she helped me to create a path in order to reach my goals.

With her support, I became a more confident individual, and I believe that I would not be in the role that I currently am, without her push to re-instil my confidence. Within a few months of working together, not only had I started a new position (and have since been promoted), but I also began to work on a project that had been a dream of mine for several years.

Lynn has a unique ability to get to the core of what may be holding someone back, and give them the right amount of coaching and support to help them overcome it, and find their calling. I cannot thank Lynn enough for her wonderful insight and her words of support. I feel that without her, I would not be opening new doors, and making my life more fulfilling. So, to Lynn, I owe many thanks, and I consider her to still be a big influence on my life not only for her skills as a coach, but because she is someone to whom I aspire.

Amanda Prichard, Director of Global Public Relations, IBM Kenexa