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MARSHALL GOLDSMITH STAKEHOLDER CERTIFIED COACH WITH OVER 14 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. I am known for my no-nonsense yet non-judgmental approach to coaching upheld with total commitment to empowering my clients. I know that measurable results are attained when time is valued as a commodity used to achieve leadership growth. I inspire courage, humility and discipline in my clients and consistently coach leaders to uncover their hidden potential for success. I partner with leaders to create a trusting environment where positive behavioural change has a lasting impact on their team, organisations, and the bottom line.

With integrity, honesty, promoting positive communication, and actively listening to the needs of my clients, I hold them accountable until their goals are fulfilled. My exemplary capacity to strategise a plan that incorporates hard and soft skills has been proven time and again. I am respected for my insights and ability to deliver; many top clients retain me as their coach as they transition to other leadership roles. Leadership performance, team building, communications and diversity skills are among my coaching specialities. 

My exemplary communication skills and distinctive can-do spirit were honed as an on-air award-winning journalist at top international networks including BBC, ITV 1, CNN, CBS, CNBC, GMTV among others, where I developed and presented hard news as well as entertainment programming. 

Over the past 14 years, I have been coaching a cross-section of clients from C-suite executives and their teams to young professionals just beginning their careers in industries as diverse as finance, auditing, marketing, media, and music. My clients include prestigious Fortune 100 companies Nike, KPMG, EY, Barclays, and PayPal. I have also coached media executives at the BBC, Universal, Disney, Sony and TLC Worldwide Marketing. 

Furthermore, I facilitate monthly three-day women’s Leadership Summits hosted by The Pipeline, Baroness Margaret McDonagh and Lorna Fitzsimmons company, dedicated to female representation in the Boardroom and top leadership positions. We work with women from both the public and private sector, from The Home Office to EON. 

My board work focuses on empowering young people to become self-assured, strong leaders.  I serve on the Bord of Governors for Working Title’s London Screen Academy aimed at diversifying the media industry. I am the Vice Chair for Creative Access devoted to giving strong BAME candidates access to the creative industries. I am also the Chair of Quality and Standards at Woodhouse Sixth Form College, one of the top sixth form colleges in the country.

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