We love our girlfriend getaways! I launched my first destination coaching retreat in Reims, France, the champagne capital of the world and it was a tremendous success!

Four different women of a certain age, on four different journeys came together to share their troubles and triumphs at a critical crossroad in their lives. With expert guidance from myself, I had these ladies step outside of their comfort zones and into a bucket-list adventure to gain perspective on where they’ve been, what they’ve become and who they really are today.

We experienced an intimate look inside the trials and tribulations we face in middle age.  We see what happens when we take flight and let our hair down. We were touched by the healing, inspirational power of female bonding and rediscovering yourselves in a new environment; and I’ve been inspired by the women’s determination to resolve their issues when they return home.

Bound by sisterhood and a sense of adventure, my women are now ready to confront the frustrations that come with trying to have it all. They are ready to challenge convention, embrace the moment and aspire to live for themselves again. What they’ve come to realize is that age is actually the mother of reinvention, and their time is now.

Live, love, laugh, cry and embrace the heartfelt, inspiring coming-of-age of the new middle-aged woman who’s not willing to settle! Stay tuned…the next Destination Coaching Retreat will be early 2014.

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