I was born and raised in Washington, DC by incredible parents who encouraged me to be curious, explore ideas, get an education and to understand the importance of values and beliefs. I was brought up to think I could do anything I put my mind to and I gift that belief to everyone I work with.

Now that I’m a mother of a teenage daughter and a wife of 23 years, I too understand the importance of tolerance, encouragement, motivation, compromise, friendship, compassion and, of course love. This is why I live by the principle of emotional intelligence – the marriage of my brain and heart working in tandem.

After graduating from an Ivy League university, I’ve gone on to have incredible professional experiences. I spent 15 years as an award-winning journalist in the USA. I worked for most of the major television networks, including CNN, CBS, CNBC, Associated Press and E! Entertainment Television, to name a few. I’ve been fortunate to travel the world interviewing everyone from presidents, movie stars to the every-man, covering world news and entertainment. Here in the UK I have made many appearances as a Life Coach on GMTV and have been a come-to expert for the BBC and Granada Television. I also presented the interactive television series ‘The Parent Table’ for Fox television. Futhermore, I serve as a Governor on the board of Woodhouse College in London as well as the children’s charity In-Visible.

Those years prepared me for my work as a coach. I’ve had a private practice for over a decade with clients ranging from CEOs to women in life transitions to young people trying to establish their paths in life. I am passionate about all of them. In addition to my work with Eyes Wide Opened, I hold media and compare workshops at the Roundhouse and Media Trust for young people in search of finding their voice and expressing their opinions.

I believe I have the natural ability to understand and nurture individual needs and experiences. What I’ve come to know is that most people seek confidence, happiness and balance in their lives.


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