Life Coaching

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number

I don’t lament when I look in the mirror. Yes I do see the manifestation of a few lines slowly creating small cracks in my face. And, of course my skin is not as tight as it used to be. However, what overrides these inevitable signs of aging is the wisdom and beauty that comes with half a decade of life experiences.

I see a strong woman who’s weathered the ups and downs of life without falling of the roller coaster.

I see an educated woman who has more thirst for knowledge now than I did in university; a woman who seeks enlightenment for not only me but others as well.

I see a grateful woman who has benefited from the love and support of dedicated parents who put their children before themselves. Without them I would not be experiencing the joys and challenges of raising and nurturing my family as well as sharing love and compassion with others.

I see a healthy fit woman who has benefited from a youth full of sport and still has a body that can match some people half my age. I’m not saying it doesn’t require hard work to keep in shape these days but the physical and mental benefits speak for themselves.

I see a woman who marched to the top of my first career, no hold bars, enjoyed the heady high and then gave it up to create a more meaningful and satisfying path for myself. I still seek professional success, but it requires a lot more heart and soul the second time around. And, I’ve learned when you follow your passions and you marry them to your values and beliefs, the financial rewards eventually follow.

I see a woman of  unwavering faith, spirit and belief in a force greater than the human condition because without it I would be nowhere.

I see a woman who is living life, has experienced real highs and lows, has witness birth, death, marriage, divorce, and marriage again. I have experienced true joy, devastating heartbreak, victory, defeat, cruelty and kindness. I have the love of a good man and an inspiring daughter. I am blessed with an amazing family and a few true friends.  Like many of us at mid-life, I am woven from a rich, textured and durable clothe.

So, no I don’t lament when I look in the mirror because I am proud of what I see. It’s all real and all me. Above all, I can say in all honesty I am happy because I am 50 plus and fabulous. I hold myself in high esteem. I don’t take my good fortune for granted. And, yes there is always room for improvement. I recommend loving yourself because it all starts with you.


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