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If you don’t succeed at first, do failure right

It’s my passion to motivate and encourage people to go get what they want in life and achieve their goals, but the fact is the path to success is not always a straight road. There is much to be learned from failure and it happens to all of us on occasion.  It’s best to take a hard look at our mistakes and learn from them to insure greater success the next time around.

  •  Don’t obsess over failing but do analyse your mistakes.  Did you do enough preparation and planning? Did you account for possible road blocks to your success?
  • Don’t let ego, disappointment and even embarrassment cloud your judgement about what went wrong. Use another person’s perspective to help you determine what you could have done differently in order to succeed.
  • Isolate the cause of your failure. Go back over your behaviour. Were you too talkative; Were you an active listener? Did you fail to make a good presentation; did you walk and talk with confidence; could you back up your statements with facts?
  • What was your mindset? Did you think you would succeed before you tried? You can’t expect to succeed if you’re defeatist.
  • Once you’ve reviewed your mistakes; make sure you don’t repeat them. It’s easy to fall into negative behaviour patterns.
  • Be a graceful loser; a bad loser leaves a negative impression that’s hard to erase.

Believe in yourself. Have the confidence and faith to know that there’s another opportunity waiting around the corner.

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