Life Coaching

Big Boys Do Cry

A few days ago one of my clients mentioned that one of her close male friends broke down and cried about the amount of university work and stress in his life. My response was good for him. Obviously he needed a good cry. When I met her friend a few days later, she mentioned in his presence that she had told me about his upsetting moment. His immediate reaction was to deny the incident; however, after I quickly chimed in that many men come to my office and breakdown, he perked up. “Really” the 20 year old replied, “yes, really.” I said. I’ve had CEO and board directors cry their eyes out and use up an entire box of tissues over the course of an hour session. They will all tell you it was a cathartic release. They felt so much better after opening up the dam and letting the tears flow. But, I’m not sure how many of them would tell their friends that it’s okay to cry.

In this day and age it seems so ridiculous that there is still so much negative stigma attached to a man crying. Boys are told to toughen up and “take it like a man”. It would be much better to tell your boys and your men to let it all out. Not only would it lessen their burden but it would help them to communicate more effectively. I’m not recommending a blubberfest, but I am saying when a person is overcome with emotion, let the water flow! Free yourself with emotional intelligence.

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